jpg [desktops]


distilled from the finest ingredients of our visual material, in this section you'll find downloadable images for your desktop enhancement.


cmyk [flyers and print design]


not only do we design all of our wabi flyers, we design print material for others. within this section is an overview of our print-based work.


rgb [digital and photographic images]


the photographic image is at the base of much of our visual work. this section represents a range of our visual art in photographic form: original photos from both digital and analog formats.


ntsc [video and animation]


the moving image forms a key part of our aural-visual-spatial environments, alternately being the focus of attention and fluid backdrop. the work is produced for specific artists and events. a selection of pieces is included in this section.


html [web design]


out there in the ether of cyberspace are several wabi-designed websites. is one of them, as are the other sites highlighted in this section.